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Banstead Methodist Church

The Dr, Banstead SM7 1DA

Due to the Coronavirus regrettably our regular classes have momentarily paused until it is safe for them to resume.

In the meantime we hope that you will join us for our Summer Term online classes, Commencing Monday 20th April through to Friday 22nd May 2020.

What’s included:

Access to 15 LIVE classes a week!

Access each week to pre-recorded syllabus steps for each grade to complement live sessions.

Access to all of the classes at any time day and night, by being part of this exclusive group!

Access to try other dance styles in the comfort of your own home, pick up the popular MT & Hip hop classes!

This Summer term online being supported by yourselves allows all of the above to happen and keeps us also on track to build up to our long-awaited show!

At the end of the half term we will hopefully have a better idea of when we will be able to get back to the halls and get started with the show preparations in our normal face to face sessions and this is something that I think we will all look forward to doing and seeing.

We appreciate that many others are feeling the pressure of the madness the world is facing, so If there are any questions, queries etc then please, please do feel that you can contact me to discuss this privately via email

Continue to smile, be thankful that you have each other and forever be the amazing and wonderful supportive BAPA family you are…

Thank you with all my heart

Miss Nadine and the BAPA team

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