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Musical Theatre Classes

Musical Theatre Classes

At Banstead Academy of Performing Arts Musical Theatre is a new and exciting addition to our timetable.

Theatrical performance is the combination of songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dancing.

The classes encourage all the pupils to do all three, sing, dance and act. We work on current songs as well as numbers from West End musicals. The classes have structured warm up exercises and the pupils are trained on how to get the best from their voices and how to develop the strength to sustain that voice whilst moving.

The classes we run are split into Under 7 Musical Theatre, (age four to seven) and Senior Musical Theatre (age eight to eleven plus).

We encourage the children to step outside their comfort zones, in a healthy and nurtured environment. We can build on confidence, and help them to deal with everyday challenges, such as moving schools, making friends, job interviews and general public speaking.

The classes are high energy and lots of fun we work towards mini performances and look forward to performing to bigger audiences in the future, to showcase what we work so hard on from week to week.

The pupils are expected to bring a folder to class each week so they can keep all the dialogue and music hand outs together.

Telling a story is one thing, but telling it with emotional content is a skill; humour, love, anger, they are taught to be communicated through the words, music, movement and the technical aspects of entertainment.

If you think you have what it takes to be an all round superstar, than Musical Theatre is defiantly a class for you!