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Disco Dance Classes

Disco Dance Classes

A Banstead Academy of Performing Arts we teach a free but structured Disco dance class.

These classes are fun, energetic and Lively. We offer classes suitable for children as young as three years old up to Advanced, and Adult classes at variety of different levels.

The classes begin with a free warm up developing strength and stamina. We then progress to the corner developing our vocabulary of steps working on kicks, turns and steps of elevation. The class is completed with a routine of any chosen style by the teacher.

We use currant and popular music that helps to develop music appreciation and expression. This will also dictate what style of dance the routine will be, some examples are street dance, rock and roll, lyrical and freestyle.

Pupils are encouraged and worked towards examinations both as an individual and as a team, and they are great fun.
Advanced students are also encouraged to take examinations to gain teaching qualifications.

Disco dancing allows the pupil to be individual and move to the music in their own unique way.

We have also been given the wonderful opportunity to take part in the ISTD Disco competitions.