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Ballet Classes

Ballet Classes

At Banstead Academy of Performing Arts we follow the Ballet syllabus of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (I.S.T.D)

We believe that Ballet is the most essential form of dance, and that it teaches the technique that is the backbone for all dance genres.

It is the hardest of disciplines but will improve the sense of poise and a persons strength. Pupils will develop an understanding of how the body works through correct alignment and placing.

The syllabi ranges in grades suitable for children as young as three years old, up to vocational examinations to prepare students for entry into full time dance training.

We offer Babes Ballet classes all the way up to Intermediate, with specialised classes for Advanced and Pointe Work.

These classes are hard work and the discipline is necessary to establish the correct manor for the Ballet genre. However they are still lots of fun and the children are encouraged to be creative and nurtured in this environment to help develop their technique.

Pupils are encouraged and worked towards examinations accomplishing each grade which maintains the highest of standards, and enables the pupils to maintain their own goals and aspirations.

Ballet is a highly technical form of dance with it’s own vocabulary based on French terminology. It also teaches us musicality and valuable lessons in being elegant and graceful.

It has been globally influential and has defined the foundation technique used in many other dance genres.